Total Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

Submitted by jimwcoleman


I had been looking forward to the 2017 total solar eclipse since high school but back then, I didn't even think I'd be alive in 2017. But the years flew by and it was 2015 before I knew it. Yes, that's how early I started planning. Knowing that the path of totality would be congested, I made plans to travel to Idaho for the eclipse where we could share the event with family in a comfortable, familiar environment. I even scheduled the time off work two years before the event!

Here are some photos and a short video. They do not in any way capture the magic of the event but I hope a little of that does manage to carry through. I am already looking forward to 2024 because having seen one total solar eclipse, I'm now hooked. It's like Guinan said in the movie Star Trek - Generation - "Once you've been to the Nexus, you'll do anything - anything - to get back again."

This was my personal Nexus.


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