What a bad night looks like

Submitted by thenakedastronomer

The 8" LX200 hasn't been used in so long that I've basically forgotten how to use it ... I am now favoring equatorial-mounted scopes rather than fork mounted. That said, the LX200 does sit on a Milburn wedge and, in my opinion, there is not a finer wedge on the market. But even with that, I couldn't get a good polar alignment last night no matter what I tried. Several times, I did the two-star alignment, only to get reasonably close on go-to's and tracking accuracy only down to about 15 seconds. We all know that one can't really work with this. Normally, I would use a guidescope - and I may have to do that if I get a chance tonight.

Anyway, I went after comet Atlas last night. In an unusual twist, it was better visually than photographed - due in large part to tracking issues. This photo is the best I could come up with and it's really a horrible picture. But I want to remember this night and the frustrations so I post it.

Image is 33 stacked 22-second-exposure, ISO 6400 images from a Canon 60D at prime focus, processed in DSS. Hopefully I can come up with something better soon.


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Submitted by swingin on Thu, 04/16/2020 - 11:05

Is that the comet on the middle left part of the image? I can see it. I hope you get another shot tonight! I know you can do better, I've seen your other comet images and there fantastic! Now show me the cordinates!! ­čśü