Moon and Earthshine

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I grabbed a few quickie shots of the moon this morning, using my AT72ED AstroTech refractor with Canon 60D at prime focus. One shot  shows the crescent moon and the other shows earthshine - the light on the moon that is reflected back from Earth!

First of tonight's photos ... our moon!

Submitted by thenakedastronomer

This is the first of tonight’s photos. This photo was taken at 4:24 p.m. The moon is gorgeous tonight. The current temperature is 30 degrees and falling fast. Skies look clear (not sure about transparency yet) and there is a good breeze of 12 to 15 mph. Scope is balanced – it’s the breeze I’m more worried about tonight than the cold…

Gorgeous moon!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I rarely ever photograph the moon anymore, as I am more fond of chasing down very dim comets and remote galaxies. But the moon was particularly beautiful tonight, so I grabbed a quickie photo.

Tonight, purely by accident, I happened to capture a spectacular feature on the moon that I've never been able to get before, and it got it tonight by accident. Do you see the Lunar X??

About the Lunar X.

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