Astrophotography class

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I will be giving a one-hour astrophotography class/demo at work today... it will be similar to the one I did at South Kitsap High School and other presentations I have done... a full setup, but indoors. I love introducing this fascinating hobby to others and always hope that it will "stick" with someone who will then go forth and do great things in the field!

Jupiter in bad seeing

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Jupiter was pretty low on the eastern horizon, caught in the Seattle skyglow and I had to get up at 3:30 the next morning, so I couldn't wait long for the planet to climb out of the muck and higher into the sky. But I did get this image, stacked from individual frames in an .avi clip. Not spectacular but good practice in trying to make something out of a night of bad seeing.

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