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  • Image of total solar eclipse

    The 2017 total solar eclipse was a major event for most of the United States. This photo was taken from Ucon, Idaho!

  • Photo of Orion refractor

    There are many different types of scopes, each best suited for specific uses. Learn about which is best for you!

  • Photo of Orion Atlas mount

    Learn about different mounts and telescope configurations. Exchange ideas with fellow astronomy enthusiasts!

  • Photo of the International Space Station crossing disc of the sun

    In this image from Port Orchard, Washington, the International Space Station crosses the disc of the sun.

  • Image of Jovian transit

    Double transit of Jupiter: In this photo collage, you can see the moons (Io and Callisto) as they move across the Jovian surface. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Port Orchard, Washington

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Happy Thanksgiving! The skies in the Seattle area are clear but hazy, due to a pressure inversion. The moon is a day past full and very bright in the sky. Despite that, I photographed the Andromeda Galaxy over Port Orchard, Washington. The Canon 60D was piggybacked atop an 8" Orion Astrograph Newtonian on a Celestron Advanced VX mount. Total exposure time was 45 minutes (15x180 sec subs with 5x180 darks at ISO 1600, 200 mm Canon lens). I would have been able to bring out far more detail on a darker night, but this was the best I could do with what was given to me tonight. :)

Uranus on a crisp, moonlit night

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Here's a view of the planet Uranus. Tonight, the planet is very near the moon and the skies are bright. This image was captured with an Orion G3 Starshoot CCD camera at the business end of an 8" Meade LX200 with a Lepus .62 telecompressor in between. This is 150 four second exposures stacked with Maxim DL. I had to quit when everything iced up.
A careful eye will see artifacts in this image caused by the glare from the nearby moon...