Sun - Coronado 90mm SolarMax II and ZWO ASI120MC

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Here's my first attempt at stacking and processing footage from my newest telescope. This was captured in Port Orchard, Washington today, using a ZWO ASI120MC cam on a Coronado 90mm BF30 SolarMax II. It was captured using SmartCap and processed in Registax 6 and Paint Shop Pro (for those who like the details).

A very tiny prominence is visible....

The sun is at its solar minimum now, so there wasn't much to see. Very few wispy prominences and no sunspots the past few days. Just a fat old sun...

Distant bells, new mown grass 
Smells so sweet 
By the river holding hands 
Roll me up and lay me down...
--Pink Floyd


Submitted by Don (not verified) on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:49

You got a lot of detail in that bottom photo Jim! I have a feeling your going to catch some very nice shots coming up this summer. Clear sky's!!


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