NGC 6888 - The Crescent Nebula

Submitted by jimwcoleman

A photo of the Crescent Nebula taken from my back yard in Port Orchard, Washington. This is not that great a shot, but best I could do in the conditions, with high hazy cloud cover (thickening, intermittently, making guiding problematic) and bad batteries in the camera shutter control. But I did what I could.

This was taken with a modified Canon T3i at prime focus on a permanently-piered 8" Meade LX200R (on a Milburn wedge), and stacked with Maxim DSLR. 18 x 2-minutes subs, six darks. I have found that when using a modded camera, darks are even more important and for this shot, I didn't get nearly enough of them.

Tracking was pretty good. I'm seeing some dec drift (downward slant of red line on graph in PHD) over 20 to 30 minutes, but I'm thinking that's backlash. Something I need to take a look at. I was guiding with a piggy-backed Orion ST80.

So, it is what it is. At least I had something to show for what was a somewhat frustrating night out under the hazy skies. :)


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