M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Here is a quick shot of M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy. This is easy - you can do it, too...

This photo was taken using the smallest scope in my collection, the AT72ED AstroTech refractor. I love this little scope. Yes, it's little. But it's just perfect for this type of photographic adventure.

This is a stack of 19 x 1 min subs, ISO 1600, Canon 60D, AstroTech AT72ED. Stacked with MaximDL.

I'm sure I could do a lot better if I did this in the morning after sleep ... but you know how it goes ... :)

Submitted by swingin on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 16:35

Alright Jim, your going to have to start using theĀ FREE stacking programs so you can teach me how to do it with a DSLR :) Wink wink! Registax, Autostakkert 2 or deep sky stacker live. Deep sky stacker wants to stack all my photos so I don't get where to start with that program, or what settings I should start with..?? Your stars are always pretty crisp compared to mine, tracking error on my part I guess. Nice work Jim! Thanks for sharing..


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