Coronado 90mm SolarMax II with Moonlight focuser

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Well, I couldn't let Swingin have the only Coronado 90mm on this website, so I had to go and get one myself... :)

Actually, I've been wanting one for years - and since I just bought the Atlas mount, I figured now's the time.

This is the Coronado SolarMax II BF30 and it's everything I always hoped it would be.  

I contacted Ron at Moonlight and ordered a Moonlight Focuser for it and that just makes this instrument so much the better. I can't say enough about Ron and the Moonlight focuser. What a well-built, precision work of art. And the folk at HighPoint Scientific were just as helpful and they got my new scope to me within a week... :) 

Now we just need to get some bright sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest so I can take it for a spin... Stay tuned for lots of great pics this year and we put this new scope side-by-side with a SolarMax II BF15 and push them to their limits!  

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