Friends with Telescopes

In all likelihood, you are on this website because you have some interest in astronomy. Maybe you have your own telescope - and maybe you don't. But we all have friends with telescopes! And that's why we are here - because we share a common interest. But what is this web site all about?

For one, this is a brand new site, one that is geared toward the backyard astronomer. You don't have to have the fanciest equipment and the gee-whiz software applications to enjoy this site. But if you do, you will still feel right at home here.

I built this site specifically to provide a platform for those who are coming into this great hobby, as well as those who have been doing this for a long time.

Registration has benefits!

Sharing: This is a place to post and share your astrophotography and to browse photos by others with similar interests.

Learning: This is a place to post and read forum articles, and to get your questions answered. The goal of this website is to help every aspiring and established amateur back yard astronomer. You don't have to own CCD cameras and know how to stack photos to learn from this site. But hang around long enough and you may find that you picked all that up along the way.

Forums: Use the forums section of this website to interact with others, post questions or discuss your passions - from astrophotography to visual observing or anything else astronomy-related.

This site is currently being upgraded. Functionality is slowly being added back in as testing continues. Meanwhile, enjoy browsing the site and posting content. Keep checking back for additional features!

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